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Words and Pictures       

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When Richard Johnson and I developed the idea of a collaboration we decided not to work too closely. That is, Richard would not illustrate my poems and I would not try to write about his pictures. Rather we would work separately on a shared idea. We met every couple of weeks or so for coffee and talk. I would say, “I’ve been thinking about iron,” or Richard would say, “The flesh of saints never rots.”  We drew our ideas, our misunderstandings, from these conversations. Sometimes we had only a word or two to go on, “flight” or “luck,” random coordinates somewhere in the vicinity of the Dog Star. At our next meeting, we put the results of our separate efforts together to see what happened. Though some of our work had to be abandoned, at the best times, the pieces seemed to fit and each work magnified and enhanced the other. Though we believe that our individual works are self-sufficient, we hope that by combining Richard’s pictures and my prose poems we will arrive at a third, unforeseen image, an image beyond our own imagining.